Important information

Course timings - we start at 10am and stop at 11.15am for refreshments. At 11.30am we re-commence and then break for lunch at 1pm. After recommencement at 2pm we have another small refreshment break at 3.15pm and end between 4.30pm and 5pm.


Lunch and Refreshments - Help yourself to biscuits in the room and liquid refreshments in our communal kitchen (exit - turn left and the kitchen is immediately on the right). For lunch, use our flexible vouchers to grab something yummy!


Mobile devices - During training we’ll ask you to silence your devices – that means device interaction of any type is a no-no. Breaks are when you can get your online fix.


Mobile charging - We offer device charging facilities at every workstation to ensure your battery does not run-out. Look for the white cables connected to your computer!


Wifi - The training room wifi zone is Certitec and the password to join is macintosh1. If you are asked to supply an email address then please use


Toilets - Finding the toilets is easy. Exit the training room - turn left and then follow the corridor around. When you've almost reached the security doors - you will find the toilets immediately on the right.


eCertificate and files - Your eCertificate and any training files from the course will be emailed at 11pm on the last day of your course. Feel free to copy your training files you  saved during the course via our DropBox system.


Lanyard - Please, please remember to return your lanyard to your trainer each day on exit. You can then pop into reception the following day of your course to pick-up again.


Let us know - If your training isn’t going the way you expected, please let us know as soon as possible so we can act quickly. Talk to your trainer or, if you’d prefer, call us on 0845 527 076.


Fire exits - Identify fire exits by green signs - there are many exits in the building and follow your trainers instructions in the event of an alarm. Please note we have test alarms on a frequent basis.

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